Frequently Asked Questions

What We Provide

Do you provide all of the fishing gear?

Yes. All of our vessels are fully outfitted to give you the best opportunity at catching fish!

Do you provide lunch or snacks?

No. Due to health risks and insurance reasons we do not provide food. We will have bottled water on ice for your convenience and to help us be prepared during those hot and sunny days. You will want to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Is Alcohol allowed?

Yes it is! We only ask that you prepare to consume in moderation and we prefer if you don’t bring glass bottles onboard. Unruly clientele will be returned to the dock and the full price of your trip obligation will be charged — we just want everybody to be safe including our captains and gear.

Do you sell fishing licenses?

We don’t, however, you can purchase them at a number of local retailers including Black Sheep, North 40, and Walmart among others or you can purchase them online and have them on your phone by visiting this link. You do not need to have a 2 pole endorsement when fishing on a boat on Pend Oreille nor will you need any special species permits. All you need is a standard fishing license.

Do all of the boats have restroom facilities?

Our Custom Weld vessels have restroom facilities with privacy curtains as well as urinal jugs for the men. Our Crestliner (multi-species package) does not have a restroom but does have a urinal jug available. The nice thing is that it’s easier to reel up your lines and find a restroom on shore when you’re fishing on the Crestliner. If you have restroom concerns please communicate your concern to your captain.

Trip Limitations

How many people can I bring?

Our trout trolling vessels take a maximum of 6 people due to coast guard licensing regulations. Our multi-species vessel carries 5 for safety and space to allow customers to be able to cast and be more active.

What if I have too many people?

We have multiple vessels and packages available to accommodate more people. Each vessel has its own expenses and captains so they will be charged as separate trips but we can put it all on one card or take cash all at once if needed. This is subject to availability and mixing and matching of package and vessel types is allowed if you’re looking for variety!

Are we able to stop in the middle of the day and pick up/drop off people or change vessels if we book more than one?

Typically the answer is no. We have a unique trolling technique that we run on the lake that takes a lot of time to set and tear down. We also have a large lake to account for. Fuel expenses and additional travel time can be costly and eat up hours of your paid trip time. If you book two vessels for an appropriately long enough day to pull off a switch we may allow up to one swap of passengers, but this is a case-by-case decision made by your captains who will take time and conditions into account.

Am I allowed to extend the length of our trip?

This is subject to availability. We will book you appropriately on our calendar and if we book a trip after or before yours then extensions may not work. This is a rare occurrence. This is a high patience, high reward fishery. We want you to have as much time as possible to get on that fish of a lifetime and with our new rate structure we encourage it!


How much is the deposit?

We are currently operating under a flat $200 fee, only to be charged for cancellations inside of 30 days. Your full balance is due at the end of your trip.

Do you charge my deposit when we book?

No. We take down a bank card of choice (except AMEX) to reserve your date but we do not charge your card unless you don’t show up or cancel inside of 30 days of your trip. The full balance will be due at the end of your trip which gives you the opportunity to pay with cash, check or card — keeping in mind that there is a 5% convenience fee for all card transactions.

Mailing Address

Where do I mail a deposit check? Do you have a separate mailing address?

The listed address on our contact page is not our mailing address, it will only be used to meet up for your trips. For all mail correspondence please send to 905 Jacobson Rd, Sandpoint, ID 83864.