Captain Clay Update

On August 7th after his charter, Clay Williams (multi-species/bass guide) was in an accident and broke his back. He had to crawl from an embankment just to be seen. Luckily he was seen by another motorist who waited with him until EMS arrived. He has since undergone surgery with a T10-L3 spinal fusion. Luckily Clay is not paralyzed. He was very lucky… Clay is in a lot of pain but has begun walking.

We would like to wish him the best on his road to recovery and if anybody would like to send him well wish or support in his medical expenses please visit to help him and his family through this tough time.

In the meantime we have other solutions and captains available while we wait for Clay to return. If you’re a bass purist that is looking for a bass specific adventure with Clay again in the future please check in with us in a couple of months!

Thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “Captain Clay Update

  1. Corinna Hunter

    Clay, Pastor Ron Hunter and I are praying for you, your medical team and your family as you now can heal after your back surgery. I know that GOD is right there with you and all the others 24/7.
    We have many memories while we all were at CDA Nazarene.
    Love, Corinna Hunter

  2. Sheila POTE

    I am so happy to hear you are doing well. I remember how passionate we’re about his fishing and hunting. You will be back at soon. Positive thoughts and prayers for continued strength as you heal and prepare for more adventures💙

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