Author: Capt. Chris

Website Feature Update

We wanted to take a little bit of time to make some choice updates. I have more planned but I think the few things that we’ve added will make people’s lives a little easier and make our services a little more transparent. New rate schedule page has been added to allow customers to better plan […]

New Rate Structure!

Say goodbye to the stringent half day and full day schedules! We’ve added a new rate structures page to save you time while planning your excursions. With this we had to really dive into what would work best for customers and allow us some flexibility that you may have expected by speaking with us directly […]

Welcome to Pend Oreille Charters!

We want to welcome you to our community! We will be reserving our blog to bring you more information about specials and interesting topics related to the lake and our many fishing adventures. Check back often or before you plan your next trip and see if there are any new deals or events happening that […]