New Rate Structure!

Say goodbye to the stringent half day and full day schedules!

We’ve added a new rate structures page to save you time while planning your excursions. With this we had to really dive into what would work best for customers and allow us some flexibility that you may have expected by speaking with us directly first. Our first step to doing this was to eliminate the idea of half days and full days.

Do you have a long night planned the night before and don’t want to start at 7:30 in the morning but you want more than 5 hours but not to be locked into a longer 9 hour trip? Are we having a hard morning fishing but you want to give it your all and go 2 or 3 more hours? Maybe we’re having a great day and want to take it to the max and do 9 hours! Maybe a full day is out of budget but 5 hours isn’t quite enough to put in the time you want on a derby? This is no longer a problem. We allow you to build your own experience and set your own budget.

If you have an issue making our pricing work for you please just give us a call at 208-274-3263 and we can work things out and usually get people out fishing in a way that works for everybody!

Don’t be afraid to ask about our discounts! A few common discounts we love to provide are veteran discounts and half off on underage fisherman! We want to get our youth interested in fishing, right?! As well as various other promotions and flexible winter rates.