Website Feature Update

We wanted to take a little bit of time to make some choice updates. I have more planned but I think the few things that we’ve added will make people’s lives a little easier and make our services a little more transparent.

  • New rate schedule page has been added to allow customers to better plan their travels without waiting for a pesky call back. We will still need to make verbal contact to complete a booking but at least you’ll come to the table with a solid understanding of our pricing and what we offer right from the start.
  • We’ve added a link to purchase fishing licenses through the state of Idaho in a couple places on the site. We hope that this helps everybody be prepared for the journey! Find it on our contact page in a convenient location or inline on the services page. I’ll even throw one in right here to make it that much easier!
  • A vessels page to allow you take a closer look at the amenities that our boats give you when you’re out on the water for all those hours! We are very proud of the expansion and changes that our fleet has undergone with your comfort and experience in mind and we think you will be too.
  • The site has been updated to better reflect our services, captains, and vessels as well.

That’s it for now — More to come!